NPR Labs Tests Asymmetrical IBOC Sidebands as Part of Nautel PowerBoost™ Study

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NPR Labs was commissioned by Nautel Ltd. to provide an independent analysis of its HD PowerBoost™ technology, which improves transmitter efficiency of HD Radio™ transmission by reducing the peak-to-average power ratio of the hybrid FM+IBOC signal.  HD PowerBoost also permits users to operate each sideband on an IBOC signal at different injection levels ("asymmetrical transmission").
The report, released June 1, verified the compatibility of HD PowerBoost in improving reception coverage, power output and efficiency for IBOC transmission.  Laboratory tests were conducted with induced multipath and mobile fading to measure the noise effects on FM reception, as well as the effect on receivers sensitivity for digital reception.  Following the lab tests, on-air testing was performed with WAMU(FM), Washington DC, which correlated closely with the lab results and NPR Lab's IBOC coverage prediction model.  The paper was joint presentation with Nautel and WAMU at the NAB Engineering Conference in April, 2011.
Download the June 1, 2011 engineering report


Posted June 2011